SOTD: Krr – 야행 Night Flight

Unpack those dreams you stuffed away in your closet,
or those you’ve hidden between the scribbles in your diary.

꿈이라면 깨어날 수 없게
선명한 밤 불빛들 쏟아지면
어두운 밤 이 거리를 채우는 낮은 속삭임
그댄 나만의 꿈 나만의 세계

So as not to wake you up from your dream
The night lights are shining
Low whispers fill the dark night streets
You are my dream, my world

(Please ignore the badly translated English…)

I love it when I discover an emerging hidden gem on an aimless scroll through indie music playlists on YouTube. Coming into the music scene this year, Krr, pronounced simply as an onomatapoeia and an acronym for “Kings royal rifle”, is a trio modern rock band consisting of 박민영 Park Min-Young (guitar), 박병석 Park Byung-Suk (drum), and 서영준 Seo Young-Jun (vocal). While their previous two singles renders a ballad-like sentiments, their third single, “Night Flight” which was released this July, has more electronic sounds which recalls a mix of Fantastic Drugstore and Nell. But Young-Jun’s voice is what truly stands out — I love his gentle voice against the piano keys in the beginning.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.50.11 PM

I have a mood board of colours, sounds, scents, and feelings which forms inside my head whenever I imagine a particular month. And “Night Flight” fits perfectly into the July that I envision — a warm summer evening with a gentle breeze brushing against your face. I especially love the descriptors they used in their introduction to the song: “밤의 바캉스 / a vacation at night”.

아직은 서툴잖아 나도 나를 아는 게
어쩔 수 없는 밤은 길을 헤메이곤 해

“야행” breaks down into “夜” = “night” “nocturnal” “dawn”, “行” = “to travel” “to go”. “Night Flight” may do the trick to convey the Hanja, but I also believe it’s important to know the specificity of the original characters, because you may not simply be flying in the night sky, but venturing through the dawning morning or the pitch dark midnight.

Whenever I discover an artist or a band like Krr, I feel sad that not many people know about them, even in Korea, and feel an obligation to tell everyone how incredible they are. But at the same time, I want to treasure them only for myself and become their number one fan.