SOTD: 閃光的回憶,逃跑計劃

I was recently listening to a podcast where the podcaster, after this song was played, said,

“被貼上‘搖滾’標籤的樂隊 只要試圖用溫柔的方式抵抗這個世界,就會被評論:‘不夠反骨,不夠叛逆,不夠搖滾.”
(for bands and musicians that have been given the “rock’ label, any attempt on their part to resist this world with gentleness invites the critique of “not opposing enough, not rebellious enough, not rock enough”).

How should I resist and rebel against this world with gentleness?

When I feel belittled or disrespected, my default is to assume an armour based on what is normatively understood as strong. But more recently, I’ve been looking at different ways of resisting and channeling strength. Strength that doesn’t always look familiar, or that isn’t always seen as strength.

In the bridge of the song, 逃跑計劃 sings, “The fatigue and helplessness you knew / how could it withstand banality and time / years on years / only the mountains you have climbed / and the grace you gave; in your memory; shine”.

I hold this sentiment close to me. In addition though, the grace I have received; in my memory, shining.

疼嗎 你的傷口  (Does it hurt, your wound?)
不安的時候 你的手  (Your hand, when you’re anxious)
冷嗎 在鬆開以後  (Is it cold? after we let go,)
你笑容越溫柔 我心事越重  (Your smile got gentler, my heart heavier)

雪花 一片片落下  (The snow falls in pieces)
北京的邊緣 十年  (Ten years on the edge of Beijing)
而如今 所幸紅顏已知己  (While today, you have luckily found her)
惜知音再難覓 無際  (Against how endlessly difficult it is to find one who would understand)

是非進退難斷 不斷亦難  (It is difficult; to go toward or away; to not decide)
願生有去處 蒼有歸途  (May there always be somewhere to go, and to come back to)
但保持飛揚  (And yet remain in flight)
唯有你曾與我美好的片段  (Only the good days you and I shared)
像鑽石一樣在腦海中閃閃發光  (Like diamonds in my memory; shine)

那時候時間很長  (Time was longer then)
去你家的路很順暢  (The road to your house smoother)
不懼離殤  (Without fear of separation or death)
而天空分分秒都有飛鳥  (The sky was filled always with birds in flight)
你遠到看不見  (You were too far away to be seen)
也近到沒有察覺  (Too close to be felt)

那曾經的不知疲倦  (The fatigue and helplessness you knew)
怎堪柴米茶與時間  ( How could it withstand banality and time)
奧 年華  (Years on years)
唯有你曾攀越的山峰  (Only the mountains you have climbed)
和曾給予的寬容在記憶中 閃閃發光  (And the grace you gave; in your memory; shine)