#tbt: 2014 highlight

jaziimun’s picks

麋先生 -馬戲團運動 / Mixer – Circus Movement

Circus Movement was Mixer’s debut album, and for it they earned Band of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards. Featuring lead singer 聖皓 with the fabulous hair, band members of Mixer are uniquely staples in the underground music scene, and also mostly graduate students in arts and music programs at the Chinese Cultural University. Exploding into the mainstream with their win, Mixer cemented their signature sounds featuring complex vocals, electric guitar riffs and a lot of drums. A lot.

還是都一樣沒有太多人懂慌張 摀住眼尤其擅長
same as always, most don’t understand panic, specialize instead in covering the eyes
名畫的風光是年代留下的太陽 而眼前正在崩塌
the glory of famous paintings is the sun of an era, but what’s in front of us is crumbling
所有手握權杖的怪物 哪裡是我的去處
all the monsters with staffs in their hands, where can i go
請記得你的幸福 是掠奪誰的無助 拿誰的未來賭注
remember your happiness seizes the helplessness of someone, gambles away someone’s future


張震嶽 – 我是海雅谷慕 /Zhang Zhen Yue – I Am Ayal Komod

Zhang Zhen Yue became a staple part of the Taiwanese music scene in 1998 with classic music hits that continue to be covered and performed today in the industry. His 2013 album, “I Am Ayal Komod” is a return to his roots as a person of Amis descent, and widely features the many melodic verses that Amis people are known for. The album won Album of the Year at the Golden Melody awards. I’ve embedded the whole playlist below 🙂

任何事都為別人 自己擺在最後面
It’s always been others’ priorities first, and my own for last
來一次遠走高飛 再猶豫就別後悔
This time I’ll just take off, If I hesitate I might regret
擇期不如就今天 bye bye blue Monday
No time better than today. Bye Bye Blue Monday
肩上一把破吉他 流浪到天邊
An old guitar on my shoulder, I’ll be on my way


miraelxx’s picks

박효신 – 야생화 / Park Hyo-Shin – Wild Flower

Returning after four years of silence, 박효신 presented us with a gift of a new single, co-written and co-produced by he himself. After years of vicissitudes and hardships, his honesty of will to fight is expressed through his music – his powerful vocal and soulful sound ringing our ears and hearts. A 50-piece orchestra echoes in the background; piano melody fills the space; his calm sorrowful chorus rises like the wild flower blooming in the cold winter fields. Like the video’s image of a lone singer and pianist against the barren landscape – nothing but he and his music. Note: 4:18 to 32.

사랑은 피고 또 지는 타버리는 불꽃  Love is a fiery flower that blooms and withers
빗물에 젖을까 두 눈을 감는다  I close my eyes in case I get wet from the rain
어리고 작았던 나의 맘에  Inside my innocent and small heart
눈부시게 빛나던 추억 속에  The dazzling memories shine
그렇게 너를 또 한번 불러본다  I call out to you once again


김사월X김해원 – 비밀 / Kim Sa-Wol X Kim Hae-Won – Secret

“아이러니의 쓴 맛이 깃든 사랑노래들” “Love songs full of the bitter taste of irony”

누구도 모르는 나만의 비밀을 말할게  I’ll tell you my secret that no one else knows
누구도 이해 못하는 너에게만 말할게  I’ll tell you what no one else understands
이해한다면 그건 유령이 되는거야  If you understand, you become a ghost
좋아할 수도 싫어할 수도 없겠지  You won’t be able to love or hate me
나를 아껴줘  Treasure me
아니 그냥, 내버려둬  No, just leave me alone

Calm, yet deep in grief. Dark and chilly. The delicate voice fermented in life, eerily lingers against the guitar strings. Written and produced by 김사월, the song weighs serenity and anxiety in an odd sweet love talk between two loved interests – almost uncomfortable to be in the presence of.

This song is featured in the duo’s first album which has won the Best Folk Album of the Year in Korean Music Awards along with receiving many other positive reviews. They describe their aesthetic as a mixture of 90’s alternative rock sensibilities with 50’s French pop (Gainsbourg and Birkin?) and 60’s Korean folk; but within all these inspirations, they created their own sound and genre so rare and unheard.

They sing of secrets. And you know those secrets are more than just secrets.