Review: 웨스턴 카잇 Western Kite [Subtitle]

I truly believe picking out one song does not do justice, but the full 9-song collection needs to be loved to appreciate the new indie female artist.

Entering the market with her first album in August, 웨스턴 카잇 Western Kite is still under the veil (she doesn’t have a profile on Naver yet, which is a pretty big deal). Although she’s been active in the Hongdae scene, for the mainstream audience, her name’s an unfamiliar one. But a listen through the album, her strong vocals leading the delicate acoustic sounds doesn’t seem so amateur.

Her first album [Subtitle] is like a kite swaying in all directions against the wind. Taking us through her shaky emotional rollercoaster, Western Kite shares her cries and butterflies, and all sorts of peaks and lows of being in, falling in, and resenting love.

짝사랑 / Crush/Unrequited Love

To tell my interpretation of the album following its tracklist:

She sings about becoming a zombie and biting you into one to hide from the embarrassment of her awkward confession – I really like you (좀비 Zombie). She falls into misery in the one-way love she has towards you (일방통행 One-Way), and can’t stop thinking about you every night (짝사랑 Unrequited Love). Why do you reject her love? Why don’t you know she likes you? (왜 Why).

Love soon passes by with the new season (그러나 봄 And Spring), and she finds herself stranded in the dark lonely night and admits she still misses you (B1). A sinner of love, blinded by love (사랑의 죄인 Love’s Sinner), she hopes she could see you for dinner but didn’t even catch a hint of your shadow (밥 때 Eat).

니가 뒤집어 놓고 간 세상은  The world you left turned upside down
하나도 나아지질 않았어  Nothing has gotten better
난 마땅한 해결책을 찾을 수 없어  I can’t even find a solution book
방황에 방황을 되풀이해 여전히   I still wander in my wandering

She starts the album by inviting you deeper and deeper into the dark echo of the speaker (스피커), but maybe this is a metaphor for digging deeper into her emotional turmoil surrounding her love (or infatuation) towards someone – digging deeper into her internal dwelling of relentless unnecessary yet unstoppable contemplation.

Her stories are nothing special. Her music and her voice aren’t anything special either. But I am attached to her endearing honest lyrics. This album is a solid repertoire with no song lesser or left behind. I am also in full embrace of her because we really don’t have too many solo indie folk female artists.

If you’re interested in keeping up with her, here’s her Instagram @seodusdus.