AF: 五月天,Mayday

I’m heading to see Mayday for the second time in concert this Sunday, so I’ve compiled a song an album for the nine albums they’ve released, and almost as a retrospective of the 20 years they’ve been a band.

From a local group of emerging twenty-somethings, to their current superstardom, 五月天 has retained the spirit of their music, covering all kinds of topics and always honestly reflecting the emotional landscapes of their age and time. As they cross into their 40s and continue to mature, their music continues to uplift and encourage people from all walks of life.

To watch these videos is to also watch and listen the evolution of a musical voice distinct to this era. Here is nostalgia and growing pains, youthful exuberance and conviction. This is Mayday.

1999: 五月天第一张创作专辑 // Mayday’s First Album

2000: 愛情萬歲 // Viva Love

2001: 人生海海 // People Life, Ocean Wild

2003: 時光機 // Time Machine

2004: 神的孩子都在跳舞 // Falling Children with a Flying Soul

2006: 為愛而生 // Born to Love

2008: 後青春期的詩 // Poetry of the Day After

2012: 第二人生 // Second Round

2016: 自傳 // History of Tomorrow