A Mixtape for Café Integral

Located in Lower Manhattan, Café Integral is decorated with dark blues and gold hints, ball-shaped lights and small plants within its white space. I stumbled upon the café post-New Museum exploration, needing to sit and treat myself with a cold drink. Known for great coffee and Du’s mini donuts (which are quite wonderful), the small space was filled with people on their laptops, or those dropping by for a coffee, and I even caught a couple of Instagrammers busy posing for the perfect photo on the blue velvet couch.

If I ever work or run this café (or a place similar in urban Korea), here’s a playlist I would play for the spring summer season. Inspired by the mix of pop and acoustics of the music I heard when I was there, my playlist is a collection of love songs and flowers, acoustics rendered through rhythmic pop sounds, sometimes with a bit of hip hop or jazz. A playlist to accompany the bright sunshine, bring out the fun beats, and make sure people leave with a smile.

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(1) 신지수 – 꽃, 바람 / Shine Zisu – Flower, Wind

(2) 뷰티핸섬 BeautyHandsome – The One

(3) 오브로젝트 – 거짓말이잖아 / Obroject – It’s All A Lie

(4) 이나래 Lee Narae – Maybe

(5) Standing Egg – Love or Like (With 휘인 WheeIn of MAMAMOO, JISIM)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset