A Mixtape for The Library Specialty Coffee

The Library is a relatively new coffee shop popped up on Dundas St. right next to the Grange. Featuring some minimalist white walls, lots of ivy and adorable fiddle-leaf fig trees, the cafe has scattered low table seating throughout and a slow bar at the back. Their baristas are always friendly, and the service is always quick! We love the vibes there and the coffee even more, so we’ve put together a six-song playlist for your next visit. 😉


We strongly recommend the Oat Milk Latte, the Iced Coconut Matcha, and the Pistachio Croissant!

(1) 소낙빌 Sonacvill – Beauty

(2) 陳珊妮 Sandee Chan(ft 魏如萱 Waa Wei)- 不要不要 No No

(3) 阿肆 A Si – 我愚蠢的理想主義 My Foolish Idealism

(4) 언니네 이발관 Sister’s Barbershop – 의외의 사실 Unexpected Truth

(5) PERC%NT – Snowball

(6) 丁世光 Dean Ting – 不散的筵席 I Miss You

Listen to the mixtape nonstop on Spotify.