SOTD: 明仔載,盧廣仲

Crowd Lu’s 魚仔 picked up a number of Golden Melody awards this year, but it wasn’t the only hit that took over the music charts. Debuting in his first lead acting role last year, Crowd Lu in 花甲男孩轉大人, and then 花甲大人轉男孩 also wrote the majority of the soundtrack for the TV series and movie respectively, and this 明仔載 is one of my personal favourites.

A simple lullaby, the song is introduced as 花甲 sings to his dying grandmother. The song title, which means “tomorrow” in Taiwanese language (Minnan hua), is just an expression of hopes, laced with regrets.

明仔載  明仔載   嘸風颱的 tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s no typhoon
明仔載  明仔載   去看海 tomorrow, tomorrow, let’s go see the ocean
明仔載  明仔載   坐在你的摩托車 tomorrow, tomorrow, let’s take your motorbike
明仔載  明仔載   我也不知道 tomorrow, tomorrow, I don’t know either
有你的明仔載      我會很期待 I look forward to a tomorrow where there’s you

Notably, the MV was shot entirely on iPhone – a simple concept of a single traveller heading to the ocean, with a small bouquet of flowers. The emotive landscapes of the song are beautifully coloured, and the mv, like the song, is open enough to receive many kinds of interpretations of loss.

生活 有風吹日曬 會寂寞孤單 in life there will be all kinds of seasons, loneliness and isolation
我抱著希望繼續走 卡袂怕 I carry hope and keep walking, this makes me less afraid
明仔載  明仔載   嘸痠痛的 tomorrow, tomorrow, there is no pain there
明仔載  明仔載   去遊覽 tomorrow, tomorrow, let’s travel
明仔載  明仔載   坐在你的摩托車 tomorrow, tomorrow, let’s take your motorbike

Here’s a freebie of 花甲 series female lead Vera Yen 嚴正嵐 (who is also a singer) doing a cover of the song. ❤