mixtape: Montréal Mood

Day 1

Sue – 2-0+1
of summer sunshine, aimless walking, a settling into another city.

치즈 CHEEZE – Ticket
“숨을 크게 쉬고 어깨를 펴봐도 even if we take a deep breath and open our shoulders
…시간을 일부러 잃어버리고 떠나봐도 even if we forget about time and go on a trip
괜찮을 것 같아 everything will be alright

미뤄둔 웃음 짓고서 조금 지루하지 않게  let’s laugh the laughs we left behind”

Day 2

徐佳瑩 LaLa Hsu – 大頭仔 Babes
of lush green moods, dust and ice, fatigue and cheer mingling, 

에디킴 Eddy Kim – 밀당의 고수 Push & Pull

A special dedication to our wonderful travel buddy Abby and her shampoo.

Day 3

艾怡良 Eve Ai – 女也 herstory with Mayday
of rain and quiet. contemplation and slow comprehension. blooming departures.

애쉬락 AshRock – Rainzy

“오늘 따라 비는 내리고 it’s raining today
회색 빛의 구름들이 예뻐 보여 the grey tinted clouds look so pretty”