A Song with a Colour in the Title

miraelxx’s pick:
I Am Blue by 1415

From 1415: “어느 날 문득 너무도 초라한 소년을 만났다.”
“One day, we met a very shabby humble boy.”

달빛에 비치는 모습도 왜 이리 허전해 보여
why does my reflection against the moonlight appear so empty

무언가를 하고 돌아오는 집 앞은 왜 이리 공허해
why does my house after returning home from a busy day appear so empty

이렇게 습관처럼 하루를 보내 어제인지 오늘인지
i spend the day like this as if it’s a habit. was it yesterday. is it today

그렇게 엄마의 얼굴을 보면 왠지 모를 sad smile
when I look at my mom’s face, i only see her sad smile

Blue. When giving up becomes a habit. When growing into an adult becomes overwhelming. When you feel trapped. Unable to step out. Incapable.

jaziimun’s pick:
黃昏市場 by 
麋先生 Mixer 

“我們在此出發 We go on our way here,
即使要繞上千百遍 and even if we have to orbit a hundred thousand times,
我們也不會停下 we won’t stop”

殘存的光 他們在昏黃之中醒過來
in the remnant of light, they wake in the dusk
微亮的窗 閃爍著無法代替的嚮往
through a window of soft light, irreplaceable desires shining
夜晚的徬徨 讓他如此 平靜的擺盪
the uncertainty of night makes then rock so peacefully
在夜空 停止不住綻放
in the night sky, blooming without end