A Song with a Number in the Title

jaziimun’s pick:
雨水一盒 by 陳綺貞 Cheer Chan

即使在最值得一提的下午 even on that most memorable afternoon
對於告別我還是顯得粗魯 i was clumsy in the face of departure
我在琴弦上把每個音都 彈得飽滿了 so i filled to the brim every note on the piano
一顆一顆雨水都落在盒子裡了 every drop of rain falls into the box
一顆一顆雨水都落在盒子裡 了 every drop of rain falls into the box

“一盒乾淨透明的雨水 a box of clear rain water
我從來不知道 盒子上有個裂縫 i didn’t know there was a crack
雨水又要 滿滿一盒雨水 that the rain, a box full of rain
又要 慢慢漏掉….. was leaking dry again.”

miraelxx’s pick:
스물다섯, 스물하나 Twenty Five, Twenty One by 자우림 Jaurim

“아파트 평수, 자동차 배기량, 은행잔고…apartment space, car engine, bank balance…
그의 희망은 이미 그런 종류의 것이 아니었다. his dreams were never any of these things.
그는 자신이 시시하다고 생각했다. he thinks he is dull and banal.”

그 날의 바다는 퍽 다정했었지. that day, the ocean was awfully friendly.
아직도 나의 손에 잡힐 듯 그런 듯 해. i still feel like i can touch it with my hands.
부서지는 햇살 속에 너와 내가 있어 under the broken sun, there is us
가슴 시리도록 행복한 꿈을 꾸었지. we dreamt of a dream so happy that our hearts shivered.
우~ 그날의 노래가 바람에 실려 오네. the wind carries the song from that day.
우~ 영원할 줄 알았던 지난날의 너와 나. the passing days when we thought we would be forever.