A Song that Reminds You of Summertime

jaziimun’s pick:
夏天的风 by 元衛覺醒 Awaking

時間滴答的走 time it ticks away
年華似水的流 youth it flows
年少輕狂的愛能多久 how long can such crazy young love last
你放開我的手 you let go of my hand
綻放出燦爛的花朵 and bloomed into a brilliant flower

每当夏天我吹着溫暖的風 every summer in the summer breeze
想起當時我們愛得很灑脫 i remember that we loved recklessly
美麗的蒲公英散落空中 the dandelions scatter in the air
隨著風搖曳得很自由 and rock in the wind freely

每当夏天我吹着溫暖的風 every summer in the summer breeze
我們的故事簡單卻很生動 i remember our story, so moving and simple
花瓣掉落在我的手中 the flower petals fall into my hands
握著我們曾經的感動 and i hold this wonderful past

miraelxx’s pick:
해변의 여인 by 쿨 Cool

이게뭐야 이여름에 방안에만 쳐박혀있어
what are you doing, why are you stuck in your room

안되겠어 우리 그냥 이쯤에서 헤어져버려
i can’t do this anymore, we might have to break up

내품에서 흘린 눈물 너 만큼 나 힘이 들었어
i’m as tired as all of your tears that fell into my arms
잃어버린 너의 미소 찾을수 없을까
is there a way to retrieve your lost smile
안녕하고 돌아서는 그건 아니잖아
it’s not right to just say goodbye and turn around
사랑을 위한 여행을 하자 바닷가로
let’s go on a trip for our love, to the beach

해변의 여인 야이 야이 야이 야이 그녀와
woman of the beach, with her
떠오른는 태양을 우리는 함께 본거야
we saw the rising sun together
기다리지마 이제서야 만났어
don’t wait, we finally just met
이제다시 이별없는 사랑으로 만들꺼야
let’s start over and make love without any heartaches