A Song that Needs to be Played Loud

jaziimun’s pick:
Never Be the Same by 艾怡良 Eve Ai

而是非對錯的定義 誰 說的準 who can say for sure what the definition of right or wrong is
你的吻 有多真 誰能夠保證 who can guarantee for sure how honest your kiss is
兩個人雙手越緊握 越陌生 two people’s hands grasping tighter and becoming stranger
兩顆真心越靠近 越冰冷 two real hearts coming closer and growing colder

夠了吧 別爭論 誰是誰的永恆 enough. let’s not debate who is whose forever
我只想逃離回憶的併吞 i just want to escape being swallowed by memory
我只要自己的靈魂 i want my own soul.

miraelxx’s pick:
Home by 박효신 Park Hyo Shin

If you want to skip to the song, you can begin at 1:22.

꿈을 꾸고 있나 봐  you must be dreaming a dream
흐린 풍경 속에 작은 문 하나  within the foggy landscape, there is a small door
i wanna go home
저 문을 열어보면 when you open the door
다시 나의 집으로 가는 길 있을까 will there be a path for me to return home

Close your eyes, and the orchestra of instruments with his voice fills the space, echoing as if in a large auditorium. 6:29 and onwards is the most beautiful.

구름 위를 걷는 거야 walking on clouds
불확실한 삶을 살아간다는 건 living an uncertain life
우리가 걸어나갈 한 걸음 한 걸음 one by one, the steps we have to take
날 잡고 있는 그 손을 놓지 않을 거야 i will never let go of your hand