A Song that Makes You Want to Dance

miraelxx’s pick:
Zeppelin by 프라이머리 Primary, 안다 Anda

따끔해 눈을 마주치진 못 하겠지만  tingly, i can’t look at your eyes
손 끝으로 톡 날 어루만지는  stroking me with the tip of your fingers
네 손길에 심장이 따끔해  my heart tingles at your touch
숨길 틈 없이 난 묽게 번져가는걸  i slowly dilute with no room to hide

몇 방울 입맞춤으로 내게 스며들고  drops of your kiss soak through me
노을 빛을 감춘 니가 내리면  covering the sunset, you slowly fall down
너란 비에 흠뻑 젖겠어  i want to be soaked by the rain that is you
밤새 헤엄치겠어 끝없이 내려줘  fall endlessly, i will swim inside all night long

jaziimun’s pick:
愛在什麼地方都有 Love Is Everywhere by 丁世光 Dean Ting

是我有幻覺 還是你在調皮 is it an illusion or are you being sneaky
怎麼你看起來樣子有點變了 why do you look a little different?
門外 可怕的世界 outside, the world is scary
祇有你最瞭解我心有多累 only you know how tired my heart is
別說太多 珍惜衝動 don’t say too much, just enjoy the spontaneity
吻一下我就屬於你了 if you kiss me, i’ll be yours already
我的小祕密 祇會使你的心 my little secret will make your heart
不老 不苦 不痛 快點把你的憂慮趕走 not old, not bitter, not hurt, drive your worry away