A Song to Drive to

jaziimun’s pick:
海洋 by 謝和弦 R-Chord

那是海鷗 飛過藍色天空  that’s a seagull crossing the blue sky
牠把那鋼筋水泥全都叼走 it picks away at the concrete pipes 
那是海風 吹過綠色樹叢 that’s the ocean breeze blowing through the treetops
牠把那公路上的阻礙 全都清空 it clears the highway traffic
田邊的農夫正在 插秧播種 the farmers in their fields are planting seedlings
我搖下車窗 揮別了水牛 i roll down my window to wave at the water buffalo
耳邊的音樂也在 反覆播送 the music in my ear grooves along
這就到海邊走走 i guess we should go to the beach

miraelxx’s pick:
소년은 달린다 The Boy Is Running by 에니악 Eniac

오늘 나는 결심했어 너의 손을 놓지 않겠다고 today i made a decision that i won’t let go of your hands
무엇도 두렵지 않아 너의 미소를 볼 수 있다면 i’m not afraid of anything if i can see your smile

눈부신 거리를 달리네 let’s run through the bright streets
가슴이 터질 것 같아도 even if our hearts feel like they’ll burst
차가운 세상의 끝에서 at the end of the cold world
둘만의 바다를 꿈꾸며 dreaming of an ocean just for you and i
난 네게 달려가 i run towards you