A Song about Drinking

jaziimun’s pick:
不醉不會 by 田馥甄 Hebe Tien

只要我以為 就不是誤會 as long as this is what i think, it’s not a misunderstanding
誰都是寶貝 有什麼真偽 anyone can be my baby, what is real or false?
什麼是是非 都似是而非 what is yes or no, all yeses are really nos
醉眼看世界 世界隨我陶醉 the world through a drunk gaze, is a world drunk with me
看的很瑣碎 都沒有所謂 everything seems minor, everything won’t matter
看不到命運 只看到紫薇 i don’t see fate, just the roses
只看到絕色 看不到絕對 i only see beautiful appearances, no absolute beauty
最好的滋味 就是耐人尋味 the best flavour is a memorable experience 

亂紛紛 像一首朦朧詩 the frenziness is a blurry poem
懵懂懂 才懂得朦朧美 the unclear brain understands a blurry beauty

miraelxx’s pick:
밤이 되니까 by Punch

오늘도 난 술을 마셔 밤이 되니까  today, i drink again when the night falls
네가 또 생각나니까  because i can’t stop thinking about you
침대 위에 놓인 전활 꺼 둬야만 해  i need to turn off my phone lying on my bed
내일 후회할 것 같아서  because i know i will regret it tomorrow

찬 바람이 불어 오면 when the cold wind blows
왠지 술 한 잔이 생각나 i crave a drink
너도 옆에 있으면 좋겠어 i wish you were by my side
파도처럼 내게 밀려와 washing over me like the waves
나를 어지럽게 만드는 making me dizzy
네가 오늘따라 더 생각이 나 today of all days, i think of you more

지금은 너도 혹시 내 생각 하다  do you also still think about me
잠 못들지 않는지  sleepless every night
너무나 보고 싶어 1분이라도  i want to see you, even for a minute
네가 또 보고 싶어  i want to see you again
보고 싶어 again

“보고싶다” commonly translates to “i miss you”, but it also means “i want to see you”. I think that’s quite beautiful. And heartbreaking.