A Song that Makes You Sad

miraelxx’s pick:
1월부터 6월까지 From January to June by 015B, 윤종신 Yoon Jong Shin

매일 그녀를 데리러 가던 길 늘 설레었다는 걸 그녀는 알까요
does she know how my heart trembled whenever i walked the street to pick her up
내 인생 한번도 그녀를 이긴 그 어떤 누구도 만난 적 없었죠
i never met anyone in my life who could win her
6월 17일 힘들었던 그녀 내게 그만 헤어지자고 했죠
on june 17th, she was so tired and said we should break up
결국 그녀에게 상처만 줬네요 진짜 내 맘 그게 아닌데
in the end, i only gave her pain, and that wasn’t what my heart wanted

한달도 지나고 일년도 지나고 지금도 그녀가 가끔 보고 싶어질 때가 있죠
a month passes, a year passes, i still sometimes miss her
이촌동 그 길 아직도 지날 땐 마치 어제 일처럼 선명해요
whenever i pass ichon-dong, i still remember those days as if they happened yesterday
밤에 공원도 그 햄버거 집도 지하상가 그 덮밥집도
the park at night, and that hamburger place, and that donburi place in the underground mall

jaziimun’s pick:
默 by 那英 Na Ying

忍不住化身一條固執的魚 i can’t help but transform into a stubborn fish
逆著洋流獨自游到底 swimming againt the current alone till the end
年少時候虔誠發過的誓 the oaths i earnestly swore in my youth
沉默地沉沒在深海裡 sink silently to the bottom of the ocean
重溫幾次 結局還是 失去你 no matter how many time i replay it, in the end, i lose you

我被愛判處終身孤寂 i have been sentenced to loneliness by love
不還手 不放手 筆下畫不完的圓 unable to hit back, unable to let go, drawing an incomplete circle 
心間填不滿的緣 是你 the fate that i cannot fill my heart with, is you
為何愛判處眾生孤寂 why does love sentence us all to loneliness
掙不脫 逃不過 眉頭解不開的結 unable to leave behind, unable to escape, the furrow in my brow
命中解不開的劫 the undoable knot in my life
是你 啊 失去你 啊 我失去你 is you. i lose you. i lose you.