A Song You Never Get Tired Of

miraelxx’s pick:
I Love U Oh Thank U by MC 몽, 김태우 Kim Tae Woo of g.o.d

i love you, oh thank you 
난 사랑을 몰랐어 못났어  i never understood love
욕심과 자만을 멈출 줄 몰랐어 잘났어  i couldn’t stop my greed and pride
항상 제 멋에 나는 살았어  i always lived the way i wanted
시작과 끝을 알 수 없는 길을 걸었어  i walked a path without a beginning and an end

그래 결코 넌 내게 쉽지 않은 사람이야  you were never an easy person for me
우리 저 높은 태양처럼 식지 않는 사랑이야  our love never ceases like the sun up above
수 많은 별들도 우릴 축복해주는 밤이야  tonight the stars will celebrate with us
이제야 내가 너로 인해 변할 수 있는 기회야  through you, i can now become a new person
너로 인해 난 사랑을 알고 사랑을 믿고 through you, i learned love, i believe in love
너로 인해 난 믿음을 알고 꿈을 꾸고 through you, i learned trust, i’m dreaming a dream
i love you, oh thank you

What a look circa 2005. Also here’s the super cheesy Korean-drama-esque mv.

jaziimun’s pick:
然而 by 陳昇 Bobby Chen

然而你永遠不會知道 and yet you will never know
我有多麼的喜歡  how much i love
有個早晨我發現你在我身旁  having you by my side every morning
然而你永遠不會知道 and yet you will never know
我有多麼的悲傷 how sad i am
每個夜晚 再也不能陪伴你 that i cannot accompany you every night

當頭髮已斑白的時候 when the hairs on our head are white
你是否還依然能牢記我 will you still remember me
有一句話我一定要對你說  there is something i’ve always wanted to tell you
我會在遙遠地方等你 i’ll be waiting for you from afar
知道你已經不再悲傷 knowing you are no longer sad
I want you freedom. Like a bird

然而你永遠不會知道 and yet you will never know
我有多麼的喜歡 how much i love
因為有你 等待也變得溫暖 that because of you, even waiting is warm
然而你永遠不會知道 and yet you will never know
我有多麼的悲傷 how sad i am
在你心中 我還沒有名字 that in your heart, i don’ t have a name