A Song from Your Preteen Years

miraelxx’s pick:
비밀번호 486 by 윤하 Younha

하루에 네번 사랑을 말하고 tell me you love me four times everyday
여덟번 웃고 여섯번에 키스를 해줘 smile eight times, kiss me six times
날 열어주는 단 하나뿐인 비밀번호야 this is the password to open me up
누구도 알 수 없게 너만이 나를 가질 수 있도록 so no one but you can have all of me
you are my secret boy~

jaziimun’s pick:
溫柔 Tenderness by 五月天 Mayday

走在風中 今天陽光 突然好溫柔 while waking in the wind, today’s sunshine becomes tender
天的溫柔 地的溫柔 像你抱著我 the sky’s tenderness, the earth’s tenderness, feels like your embrace 
然後發現 你的改變 孤單的今後 then i discover that you’ve changed, and tomorrow becomes lonely
如果冷 該怎麼渡過 how should i go, if it feels cold?
天邊風光 身邊的我 都不在你眼中 the wind, the light, and me beside are not in your eyes
你的眼中 藏著什麼 我從來都不懂  what is hidden in your eyes, i never know
沒有關係 你的世界 就讓你擁有 that’s okay, you can have your own world
不打擾 是我的溫柔 not interrupting, that’s my tenderness