A Song You Like From The 70’s

jaziimun’s pick:
小城故事 by 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng

小城故事多 充满喜和乐 little towns have the most stories, full of joy and happiness
若是你到小城来 收获特别多 if you come to the little town, you’ll reap more than you know

看似一幅画 听像一首歌 it looks like a painting, it sounds like a song
人生境界真善美 这里已包括 the world and people can be so kind, that’s how it is here

谈的谈 说的说 小城故事真不错 we discuss, we talk, the stories of this little town are nice
请你的朋友一起来 小城来做客 tell your friends to visit this little town 

miraelxx’s pick:
사랑의 진실 by 어니언스 Onions

꿈속에서 만나던 아름다운 그녀가  in my dream, i met the beautiful woman
나에게 가르쳐준 사랑의 진실  she taught me the truth of love

어느날 꿈속에서 나에 가슴 울리고 one day in my dream, she made my heart cry
떠나며 가르쳐준 사랑의 진실 she taught me the truth of love and left

아~정말 나에게는 꿈이 되어 버렸네  ah, this has only become a dream