A Song You’d Love to be Played at Your Wedding

jaziimun’s pick:
你是不是有點動心 by 吳卓源 Julia Wu

妳還記得 那天下雨下得多浪漫 remember the romantic rain on that day
陪妳逛街 怎麼逛腳都不會痠 it’s never tiring when i go walking with you
踩著妳腳印沙灘 生日號碼的航班 walking your footsteps on the beach, taking a plane with your birthday number
什麼都願意為妳 為妳為妳為妳而 放下恐懼 i would do anything for you, for you, for you i’d put down all fear
直到失去力氣 直到我有了妳 我不寂寞孤寂 until i lose all my strength, until i have you, i am not lonely
需要妳的聲音 需要妳的呼吸 我只想 i need your voice, i need your breath, i just want.

miraelxx’s pick:
선물 Gift by 멜로망스 MeloMance

너를 알게 된 뒤 보이는 since i got to know you
모든 것들이 너무 예뻐 보여 everything around me looks so pretty
그렇게 신난 아이처럼 like an excited little kid
순수한 사람이 된 것 같아 i am filled with your purity

항상 어두웠던 것들도 어딘가 even those that were always dark
빛나고 있는 것 같아 are now glowing in bright light
남의 얘기 같던 설레는 일들이 others’ stories which fluttered my heart
내게 일어나고 있어 have now become my own

나에게만 준비된 선물 같아 it’s like a gift only for me
자그마한 모든 게 커져만 가 every little thing grows bigger and bigger
항상 평범했던 일상도 even my everyday routine
특별해지는 이 순간 has become a special moment