A Song You Like That’s A Cover By Another Artist

miraelxx’s pick:
가로수 그늘 아래 서면 by 장재인 Jang Jane

라일락 꽃향기 맡으면 smelling the lilac scent
잊을수 없는 기억에 i recall a memory i can’t forget
햇살가득 눈부신 슬픔 안고 embracing sorrow so full of sunshine
버스 창가에 기대 우네 i lean against the bus window, and cry

가로수 그늘아래 서면 when i stand under the shadow of the roadside trees
떠가는 듯 그대 모습 you float away into the distance
어느 찬비 흩날린 가을 오면 one autumn filled with cold rain
아침 찬바람에 지우지 you disappear within the morning cold wind

A cover of 이문세’s 1988 song. The singer of the original of IU’s remake “사랑이 지나가면 / When Love Passes”.

jaziimun’s pick:
倒帶人生 by 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin

回憶只剩下局部 there’s only a part of memory left
就算再和你倒帶人生 even if i rewound this life with you
能失而復得 and regain the things we lost
那時環遊世界的夢也不再做了 the dreams we dreamed when we circled the world, we don’t have anymore
只要依靠著 we just depend