A Song That’s A Classic Favourite

jaziimun’s pick:
我不難過 by 孫燕姿 Stefanie Sun

我真的懂 你不是喜新厭舊  i really understand, you aren’t discarding the old for the new
是我沒有 陪在你身邊當你寂寞時候  it was me that wasn’t around when you were lonely
別再看著我說著你愛過 別太傷痛 don’t look at me and say you loved me, don’t be too hurt
我不難過 這不算什麼  i am not sad, this is nothing
只是為什麼眼淚會流我也不懂 only why are my tears falling, i don’t understand
就讓我走 讓我開始享受自由 just let me leave, let me enjoy my freedom
回憶很多 你的影子也會充滿我生活 there will be memories, your shadow will fill my life
我並不懦弱 你比誰都懂 but i’m not weak, you know this better than anyone 
雖然寂寞 這會是我 最後的寬容 even though i am lonely, this will be my last allowance

miraelxx’s pick:
미아 迷兒 Lost Child by 박정현 Park Jung Hyun

또 다시 그 길을 만났어 i found the path again
한참을 걸어도 걸어도 even if i walk and walk for a long time
익숙한 거리 추억투성이 it’s so familiar, covered with memories
미로 위의 내 산책 a stroll on a maze

길을 잃어버린 나 가도가도 끝없는
i am lost, on and on i go on an endless path

날 부르는 목소리 날 향해 뛰던 너의 모습이 살아오는 듯
a voice calling my name, i feel like you will come alive

돌아가야 하는 나 쉬운 길은 없어서
i need to go around, no easy path to go

돌고 돌아가는 길 그 추억 다 피해 이제 다 와가는 듯
round and round, avoiding the memories, i think i am almost there