A Song You’d Sing A Duet With Someone at Karaoke

miraelxx’s pick:
죽일 놈 Guilty by 다이나믹듀오 Dynamic Duo

처음에 쉬웠어 너와 함께라는게 in the beginning, it was easy when i was with you
난 너를 위해 내 자신을 숨기고 또 지웠어 i hid myself, then erased myself for you
사랑에 취해 네게 기대고  drunk in love, i depended on you
너란 퍼즐에 날 억지로 맞춰 끼웠어 i tried to force myself to fit in your puzzle
하지만 이젠 나 지쳤어 but now i’m exhausted

내가 죽일 놈이지 뭐 우리가 어긋 날때면 i’m the guilty one, whenever our opinions clash
전부 내 탓 이지뭐 마치 죄인인것처럼 everything’s my fault, as if i’m the sinner
난 한걸음 물러서서 아무말도 안해 i take a step back and don’t say anything
완벽한 너한테 난 항상 부족한 사람인걸 to the perfect you, i’m always a lacking person

jaziimun’s pick:
止戰之殇 by 周杰倫 Jay Chou

光 輕如紙張 光 散落地方 光 在掌聲漸息中 它慌忙 light as light as paper, light scattering everywhere, light in the slow death of applause
她在傳唱不堪的傷 腳本在台上演出最後一場 she is singing of unspeakable sorrow, the script states the last act will happen on this stage
而全村的人們在座位上 靜靜的看時間如何遺棄這劇場 the village of people, all in their seats, watch how time will abandon this drama