A Song From The Year You Were Born

jaziimun’s pick:
愛 by 小虎隊 Xiao Hu Dui

They are so young I cry. 小虎隊 was one of the hottest popular boy bands of the time (I picked them because my mother was a fan).

別讓年輕愈長大愈孤單 don’t like the young grow older and lonely
把我的幸運草種在你的夢田 plant my lucky clover in the field of your dreams
讓地球隨我們的同心圓 let the earth like the circle of our hearts
永遠的不停轉 never stop turning 

miraelxx’s pick:
왼손잡이 Left Handed by 패닉 Panic

Beware: Lots of flashing lights.

하지만 때론 세상이 뒤집어 진다고 but you say sometimes the world turns upside down
나 같은 아이 한둘이 어지럽힌다고 and kids like me always make a mess
모두 다 똑같은 손을 들어야 한다고 and we all have to raise the same hand
그런 눈으로 욕 하지마 don’t insult me with those eyes

It was the year when 패닉 Panic startled the music scene with their self-produced genre-bending, experimental first album; when 이적 Lee Juk made fun songs and wore odd clothing; when 김진표 Kim Jin Pyo was one of the greatest rappers of the time.

It was a good year for Korean music.