A Song That Makes You Think About Life

jaziimun’s pick:
爛泥 by 草動沒有派對 No Party for Cao Dong

噢多麼美麗的一顆心 oh this beautiful heart
怎麼會 怎麼會 變成了一灘爛泥 how, how did it become a pile of mud?
噢多麼單純的一首詩 oh this pure poem
怎麼會 怎麼會 都變成了諷刺  how, how did it become such irony?

我想要說的 前人們都說過了 what i want to say, people before me have already said
我想要做的 有錢人都做過了 what i want to do, rich people have already done
我想要的公平都是不公們虛構的 the justice that i want is all smoking mirrors

miraelxx’s pick:
흰수염고래 Blue Whale by YB

작은 연못에서 시작된 길 the road begins from a small pond
바다로 바다로 갈 수 있음 좋겠네 to the ocean, to the ocean i wish to go
어쩌면 그 험한 길에 지칠지 몰라 perhaps i’ll become exhausted on the rugged road
걸어도 걸어도 더딘 발걸음에 walking and walking, on slow footsteps

너 가는 길이 너무 지치고 힘들 때 when you are tired and exhausted on the road
말을 해줘 숨기지마 넌 혼자가 아니야 tell me, don’t hide, you are not alone
우리도 언젠가 흰수염고래처럼 헤엄쳐 we will soon swim like the blue whale
두려움 없이 이 넓은 세상 살아 갈 수 있길 live in this big world without fear
그런 사람이길 i hope we will become those people

the lyrics. the melody. the vocal. the music video. a beautiful harmony, i want to cry.
i teared up in their concert, when the entire audience sang a-long to the entire song.