A Song That Has Many Meanings To You

jaziimun’s pick:
是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你 by 白安 Ann

我是宇宙間的塵埃 i am a speck of dust in the universe
漂泊在這茫茫人海 floating aimlessly in this sea of people
偶然掉入誰的胸懷 by chance i fall into someone’s embrace
多想從此不再離開 and never want to leave

我是宇宙間的塵埃 i am a speck of dust in the universe
微不足道的一種狀態 a state of minor importance
偶然成了誰的最愛 by chance i become somebody’s great love
多想相信永恆存在 and want to believe in eternal existence

miraelxx’s pick:
Memories… by 윤미래 Yoon Mirae aka Tasha

이곳을 벗어나고 싶은 욕망은 my desires to get out of this place
몽우리져 눈물이 되어 흘러 그냥 흘려 becomes tears, falling, just falling
집 옥상으로 올라가 소리질러 미친듯이 하지만 i climb to the rooftop and scream 
메아리는 내게 혼자라는 비정한 말로 but my echo returns like a dagger
돌아와 비수로 날아와  with cold-hearted words
멍하니 밑을 내려다봐 갑자기 날고 싶은 생각이 나 i look down with blank eyes, i want to fly
자유를 향해 towards freedom

책임지지 못할 날 왜 이 땅에 보냈냐고 가파른 why did you send me here if you can’t even be responsible for me
험한 내 인생의 산은 너무도 높고 steep, dangerous, my life’s mountain is too high
아무리 올라가도 끝은 보이지 않고 even if i keep climbing, i can’t find the end