A Song You Like With A Person’s Name In The Title

jaziimun’s pick:
吳麗的歌 by 謝震廷 Eli Hsieh

無力的歌 抱怨自己這樣活著 a helpless song, to complain that i live this way
抱怨末日未來 complain about the apocalypse
然後緬懷自己逝去的單純 and then wax nostalgic about my own lost innocence
通通已不存在 how nothing is left
一首再一首 這無力的歌 song after song, these helpless songs
我會繼續唱著 i will keep singing

美麗世界已經不再 the beautiful world that is not here
可身為人 我想只能夠 but as a person, i guess i can only
只能夠自己救自己 i can only save myself
因為這個世界已經生病 since this world is sick
已經生病 so sick

There was no MV for this song. This is fanmade, but it’s kinda cute so okay.

miraelxx’s pick:
공드리 by Primary, 오혁 Ohhyuk, 김예림 Lim Kim

새벽 그림자 사이에 between the shadows at dawn
뜀박질하는 불빛은 모닥불 같아 the running lights look like bonfire
선선한 아침의 노을 sunrise of the cool morning
저기 아래는 우리의 보금자리야 over there, underneath, is our nest

지금의 침묵은 기회일까 내 기대일까 is the silence an opportunity or an expectation
또 그냥 나만의 생각일까 or is it just my thought again
가만히 앉아 있어야 하나 나서볼까 sitting still, should i take the first step
괜히 또 나서는 건 아닐까 or will i come off as too forward

A dedication to French film director Michel Gondry.
The original is my favourite Hyukoh’s song. Primary’s rearrangement with Lim Kim is also so beautiful.