A Song That Moves You Forward

jaziimun’s pick:
野子 by 蘇運營 Su Yunying

怎麼大風越狠 how is it that the stronger the wind
我心越蕩 the more my heart swings
幻如一絲塵土隨風自由的在 狂舞 like a piece of dirt dancing freely in the wind
我要握緊手中堅定 i want to hold in my hand firm conviction
卻又飄散的勇氣 and a scattering courage
我會變成巨人 踏著力氣 踩著夢  i will become a giant, and step to my dreams with strength

I always listen to the duet version with Hebe, because why ever not. Hebe = good.

miraelxx’s pick:
오르막길 by 윤종신 Yoon Jong Shin, 정인 Jung In

완만했던 우리가 지나온 길엔 달콤한 사랑의 향기
along the gentle path we have passed, a sweet scent of love 

이제 끈적이는 땀 거칠게 내쉬는 숨이
now the sticky sweat, and the heavy breathing
우리 유일한 대화일지 몰라
they will become our only conversation

사랑해 이 길 함께 가는 그대
i love you – you, who stayed by my side

굳이 고된 나를 택한 그대여
you, who chose the challenging me

가끔 바람이 불 때만 저 먼 풍경을 바라봐
sometimes when the wind blows, i look far into the landscape

올라온 만큼 아름다운 우리 길
our path as beautiful as how much we have walked

기억해 혹시 우리 손 놓쳐도
remember, even if you let go of my hand

절대 당황하고 헤매지 마요 don’t panic and wander about
더 이상 오를 곳 없는 그 곳은 넓지 않아서
it’s not far up there, no more to climb

우린 결국엔 만나 오른다면
we will soon find each other