A Song You Think Everybody Should Listen To

jaziimun’s pick:
玫瑰色的你 by 張懸 Deserts Xuan

這一刻你是一個最快樂的人 this moment you are the happiest person
你看見你想看見的,你將它發生 you see what you want to see, you make it happen
因你,我像戴上玫瑰色的眼鏡 because of you, I wear rose-coloured glasses
看見尋常不會有的奇異與歡愉 see the miracles and joy I usually wouldn’t see
你美而不能思議 you are beautiful beyond comprehension

這一刻你是一個最天真的人 this moment you are the purest person
你手裡沒有魔笛,只有一支破舊的大旗 you have no magic flute in your hands, just a broken flag
你像丑兒揮舞它,你不怕髒地玩遊戲 you wave it like a clown, you play with no care of dust
你看起來累壞了但你沒有停 you look exhausted but you don’t stop
我是那樣愛你 不肯改的你,i love you so much, stubborn, unchangeable you
玫瑰色的你 rose-coloured you

miraelxx’s pick:
기억을 걷는 시간 by 넬 Nell

아직도 너의 소리를 듣고 i can still hear you
아직도 너의 손길을 느껴 i can still feel you
오늘도 난 너의 흔적 안에 살았죠 today, i live inside your traces

길을 지나는 어떤 낯선 이의 모습 속에도 even in the images of strangers passing through the streets
바람을 타고 쓸쓸히 춤추는 저 낙엽 위에도 even on the fallen leaves dancing dolefully in the breeze
뺨을 스치는 어느 저녁에 그 공기 속에도 even in the evening air brushing against my cheeks
내가 보고 듣고 느끼는 모든 것에 니가 있어 그래 in all the things i see, hear, and feel, you are always there