A Song By A Band You Wish Were Still Together

miraelxx’s pick:
Last Scene by 롤러코스터 Rollercoaster


나는 아무말도 못했다 그 자리에 그냥 서있다 i couldn’t say anything, i just stood there
니가 하는말이 무슨 뜻인지를 한참 후에서야 알았다 i understood what you were saying after awhile

그래 모든것은 변했다 변하지 않은것은 없었다 yes, everything changed, there was nothing that didn’t change
내가 있는 곳에 너는 없다는걸 한참 후에서야 알았다 you weren’t there where i was, i only knew after awhile

다행히도 시간은 흐르고 아무렇지 않게 너의 이름을 말하고 luckily time passed, as if nothing happened, i called your name 
이제는 다 지난 얘기라고 큰소리로 웃어 보기도 하고 i laughed loudly that everything was in the past
나 답지도 않은 말을 하고 사람들은 내가 변했다고 해 people say i am no longer myself, that i have changed

Rollercoaster was active for seven years until 2006 when the band naturally split up. Vocalist 조원선 Joe Won Sun started working solo, and she recently released a new single with John Park. Guitarist 이상순 Lee Sang Soon focused more on producing songs, mostly for ballad and R&B powerhouses, and became more famous as diva queen Lee Hyori’s husband. Bassist 지누 Jinu also focused on producing, under the name “Hitchhiker”, working with Kpop stars and now an official SM producer.

Rollercoaster is my favourite jazz rock band, and I wish they were active when I was older so I could go to their concert.

jaziimun’s pick:
小情歌 by 蘇打綠 SodaGreen

The song that shot them to superstardom.

This ragtag band that went on a goodbye tour and got scouted by the big leagues then, extended their band life for almost a decade and delivered spectacular experimental alt albums. Lead singer 青峰 became one of the most prolific songwriters in the industry, and gained a reputation for that magical angel voice in contrast to his extremely gossipy aunty personality. This band is love ❤ They’re on indefinite hiatus, which means they might come back. Fingers crossed.



你知道 就算大雨讓整座城市顛倒 you know, even if the rain flips this city upside down
我會給你懷抱 i will hug you
受不了 看見你背影來到 i can’t take it, the way your back looks 
寫下我 度秒如年難挨的離騷 i write my own poem, feeling each second like years

就算整個世界被寂寞綁票 even if this whole world is captured by loneliness
我也不會奔跑  i won’t run away
逃不了 最後誰也都蒼老 we can’t escape, in the end we all grow old
寫下我 時間和琴聲交錯的城堡 i write my own melody, time and piano, into castles