A Song You Like By An Artist No Longer Living

jaziimun’s pick:
葉子 by 阿桑 A-Sang

葉子 是不會飛翔的翅膀 leaves are wings that cannot fly
翅膀 是落在天上的葉子  wings are leaves that fell in heaven
天堂 原來應該不是妄想 heaven should not have been a fantasy
只是我早已經遺忘 but i’ve already forgotten
當初怎麼開始飛翔 how i began to fly

孤單 是一個人的狂歡 loneliness is one person’s party
狂歡 是一群人的孤單 a party is a group of people’s loneliness
愛情 原來的開始是陪伴 love in the beginning was companionship
但我也漸漸地遺忘 but now i’ve slowly forgotten
當時是怎樣有人陪伴 how i was ever accompanied

the first time i tried to sing this in karaoke, i cried. true story.

miraelxx’s pick:
한숨 Breathe by 이하이 Lee Hi, Produced by 종현 Jonghyun

The first time I watched the music video and read through the lyrics, I teared up. When I discovered that this song was written and produced by Jonghyun of SHINee, my image of him shifted and I was excited for his career as a producer.

숨을 크게 쉬어봐요 take a deep breath
당신의 가슴 양쪽이 저리게 until your chest becomes numb
조금은 아파올 때까지 take a deeper breath
숨을 더 뱉어봐요 until it hurts
당신의 안에 남은 게 없다고 until you feel like
느껴질 때까지 there’s nothing left inside you

누군가의 한숨 someone’s sigh
그 무거운 숨을 how do i reckon
내가 어떻게 with the heavy weight
헤아릴 수가 있을까요 of that breath
당신의 한숨 your sigh
그 깊일 이해할 순 없겠지만 even though i can’t understand its meaning
괜찮아요 it’s okay
내가 안아줄게요 i will give you a hug

He may be as mainstream as an international Kpop star can get, but we shouldn’t have lost an incredible talent. Listening to this song now, it holds more weight – it hurts. We shouldn’t be cultivating a space, an industry, a world where we lose such talented young artists.

“한숨” translates to “a sigh”, or a break, a rest. I like to think of the word as holding multiple meanings in this context: “한” “숨” = “one breath”.