A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

jaziimun’s pick:
愛你 by 林俊傑 JJ Lin

I admit, I didn’t like this song (the lyrics are too much!) until JJ covered it. When I first watched this performance I was overwhelmed by a sense of pink cuteness. Literal pink tidal cute wave feelings. It was shocking. I imagine this must be what young love is like; I’m not sure because I don’t remember hahahaha but also part of why I’m so in love is Kenn C’s guitar performance. It is perfect.

我閉上眼睛 貼著你心跳呼吸 i close my eyes and breathe along with your heartbeat
而此刻地球 只剩我們而已 right now on this earth, there’s just the two of us
你微笑的唇型 總勾著我的心 the curve of your smile hooks at my hug
每一秒初吻 我每一秒都想要吻你 every second is a first kiss, every second i want to kiss you
就這樣 愛你 愛你 愛你 隨時都要一起 in this way, i love you, love you, love you, and want to be with you always
我喜歡 愛你 外套 味道 還有你的懷裡 i love loving the smell of your coat, and being in your arms
把我們衣服鈕扣互扣 那就不用分離 let’s button our jackets to each other and never be apart
美好愛情 我就愛這樣貼近 因為你 this beautiful love, i love being this close because it’s you

miraelxx’s pick:
네 생각 by 존박 John Park

This may be one of the cutest and the sweetest songs. It’s cringy, as first crushes, first loves are like. And the music video is not creepy at all.

화초에 꽃이 피어 네 생각이나 when flower blooms, i think of you
예쁜 걸 볼 때마다 네 생각이나 when i see something pretty, i think of you
내 취향은 아니지만 네가 좋아하는 even though it’s not my taste,
그 노랫말 하루 종일 흥얼거려 i hum the melodies you like everyday
네 생각이나 i think you
사랑이 내게도 찾아왔나 봐 i think love has also found me

어느새 내 주변의 모든 건 soon everything around me
처음 보는 색으로 in colours i’ve never seen before
내 맘처럼 피어나 blooms in my heart
푸르던 하늘에 무지갯빛이 나 a rainbow tint glistens in the blue sky
갈라진 골목길도 모네의 그림 같아 even the split alleyways look like a Monet painting
이렇게 변한 나를 내가 봐도 looking at how i’ve changed
참 우습기만 하지만 it’s kind of funny
어쩔 수 없나 봐 하루 종일 but i guess that’s just how it is
바보처럼 네 생각이나 everyday, i think of you like a fool
그렇게 멍하니 또 하루가 흘러가 just like that, today passes by