A Song That Breaks Your Heart

jaziimun’s pick:
聽見了嗎? by 盧廣仲 Crowd Lu

該如何告訴你 how do i tell you
我的心情 我還想陪著你 how i feel, that i want to accompany you
任何天氣 我還盼望 in any weather, i still want to
可以傳達給你 唱給你聽 send these feelings to you, sing them to you
在秋天裡~in the fall

那你聽見了嗎 do you hear it
我不安的心臟 聽見了嗎 my uncertain heart, do you hear it
要送給你的話 我所有能量 the words i want to give you, all of my strength
只能讓這首歌與你分享 through this song, to share with you

miraelxx’s pick:
널 사랑하지 않아 by 어반 자카파 Urban Zakapa

무슨 말을 할까  what should i say
어디서부터 어떻게 where should i start
고개만 떨구는 나 dropping my head
그런 날 바라보는 너 you look at me
그 어색한 침묵 our awkward silence

널 사랑하지 않아 i don’t love you anymore
너도 알고 있겠지만 i’m sure you already know
눈물 흘리는 너의 모습에도 내 마음 even when i see your tears falling down your cheeks
아프지가 않아 my heart is not in pain

널 사랑하지 않아 i don’t love you anymore
다른 이유는 없어 there’s no other reason
미안하다는 말도 words of apology
용서해 달란 말도 words of forgiveness
하고 싶지 않아 i don’t want to say anything of them

every time i hear this song, it hurts. so much.