A Song You Remember From Your Childhood

jaziimun’s pick:
恶作剧 by 王藍茵 Tangerine Wong

This show made me want to grow up faster, to go to university, to chase after the things I loved with fearlessness. Now I sometimes want to go back to when I was 14, and only dreamed of fearlessness, and not actively living it out. Also, I ship this actor pairing forever.

一切新鮮 有點冒險 (我才發現 你很耀眼) everything is new, an adventure (I discover how bright you shine)
請告訴我怎麼走到終點 (請讓我再瞧瞧你的雙眼)  please tell me how to walk to the end (Can I look at your eyes again)
沒有人瞭解 沒有人像我和陌生人的愛戀 no one understands, how i can love a stranger

我想我會開始想念你 i think i’m already starting to miss you
可是我剛剛才遇見了你 but i only just met you
我懷疑這奇遇只是個惡作劇 i feel like this meeting is just a prank

miraelxx’s pick:
Now by 핑클 Fin.K.L

Part of the first generation Kpop, 핑클 is an iconic female group during the turn-of-the-century, including my forever queen 이효리 Lee Hyori – although, when I was little, my girl crush was 이진 Lee Jin (0:28). Watching their badass performances on television, I wanted to be like them when I grew up. Even the group name is an acronym for “Fine Killing Liberty”.

날 보는 시선을 느낄 수 있어 i can feel your eyes on me
그대로 다가와 (call me) walking towards you
조금씩 내안에 빠져 들어와 slowly fall inside me
널내게 맡겨봐 (kiss me) just trust me

그냥 보낼 순 없어 i can’t just let you go
나 그려왔던 너를 놓칠 순 없어 i don’t want to lose you
내 가슴 파고드는 i want to live in your eyes
그 눈빛 속에 나 살고 싶어 digging inside my heart
don’t say good-bye

i know you miss me i’m crazy now
뜨거운 너의 품에 쉴 수 있게 i want to rest in your warm embrace
꿈꿔왔던 satisfaction dreaming
모든 내 사랑을 다 주고 싶은 나 i want to give you all the love i have

Also how great is this music video.