A Song that Reminds You of Yourself

jaziimun’s pick:
親愛的樹洞 by S.H.E

安慰別人的道理我那麼多 i know many words to comfort others
還以為我真的都 懂了 and so i thought i knew everything
但有時明明笑著 but sometimes even though i am smiling
有時候也 不算寂寞but sometimes even though i am not lonely
心突然就痛 it hurts

親愛的你說 這到底為什麼 dearest, can you tell me why
有沒有誰的人生 能真的永遠快樂 is there anyone in this life who can really be happy always
親愛的告訴我 到底該怎麼做 dearest, tell me what to do
才讓每個埋在心底的傷口 to make every wound buried in my heart
能開出花再結成果 burst into full bloom

miraelxx’s pick:
와 by 이정현 Lee Jung Hyun

사실이 아니길 믿고 싶었어 i wanted to believe it wasn’t true
널 놓치기 싫었어 i didn’t want to lose you
혹시나 우리의 사랑이 잘못돼 끝나면 어떡해 what if our love doesn’t go well and ends
가슴은 아프지만 모른척 해야해 my heart will be in pain but i’ll pretend i’m okay
이별보단 덜 아플 테니까 because it will hurt more than a parting

설마했던 니가 나를 떠나버렸어 i can’t believe you left me
설마했던 니가 나를 버렸어 i can’t believe you dumped me
깊었던 정을 쉽게 잊을 수 없어 i can’t forget the deep connection we had
늦었어 이미 난 네 여자야 it’s too late, i’m already your girl
오——- 독한 여자라 하지마 don’t call me a venomous woman
오——- 사랑했으니 책임져 you loved me too, so take responsibility

You can say 이정현 Lee Jung Hyun is my first celebrity crush at the age of four, when apparently I  would jump on the sofa and follow her dance moves whenever she came on television. I’m sure all, if not majority, of the 80/90’s babies who grew up in Korea (at least in their early years like me) know this song and the iconic finger move.

I had no idea her lyrics held so much pain until way later. Her performance overtakes the song, even though I’m sure we can all sing the chorus by heart. She is a true icon of experimentation, and she will forever hold a special place in my childhood dream.