AF: 盧廣仲,Crowd Lu

Crowd Lu will be coming to Toronto Oct 29th and we will be attending!!

This is a big year for this guy, who won two Golden Melody awards earlier for 魚仔 this and recently scooped up two Golden Horse awards for ACTING.

Famous for his T-shirt & shorts & long socks look, and his inability to control his legs when playing the guitar, he’s one of the most committed folk singers in the mainstream. His kind of folk doesn’t fit into the traditional sense of the 民謠 (traditional folk ballads) or in the new indie sense of the 創作歌手 (singer/songwriter) but in his commitment to 日常 (topics grounded in the daily fabric of life), and his sincerity written into every song. It’s this dedication that’s earned him so much love and respect. He’s also a phenomenal guitarist and singer and is willing to experiment, be exuberant and irreverent, while still presenting you with a piece of his heart.

In honour of this exciting life event, here’s a playlist of some of my favourite songs from his discography which includes 5 full-length albums and 11 singles.

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From the 2012 album, 有吉他的流行歌

我很愛哭 設定只能在隱形的時候哭  I am a crybaby who can only cry when I’m invisible
安心的哭 包圍著我的世界是一棵樹 I cry comfortably, as a tree wraps around my whole world
所有眼淚 灌溉著樹木然後長了葉子 All these tears water the tree that eventually grows leaves
眼淚是甚麼聲音 決定了風景的樣子 The sound of these tears decide what the landscape will be

From 2014, 天然的最好

如果你難過的時候 可以往北走 When you are sad, you can walk north
萬一覺得冷的時候 可以想念我 In the event you feel cold, you can think of me

From the 2011 album, 慢靈魂

如果想要長高需要足夠的睡眠 If you want to grow tall you have to sleep enough
晚上十二點到早上七點的中間 Between the hours of midnight and seven a.m. 
不要打電話過來 不要打電話過來 Don’t call me, Please don’t call me
除非你想請我吃早餐 Unless you want to buy me breakfast

From the 2008 album, 100 種生活

整個海浪 擺動 柔軟地 舉起我 These rolling waves gently pick me up
孤獨給我 自由 猶豫得 好感動 This loneliness gives me freedom, this hesitation is moving
想要的生活怎麼有一百種 The life I want comes 100 different ways
該怎麼走 誰來告訴我 Which way should I take? Please tell me

From the 2016 album, What a Folk!!!

今天過去 今天過去 就讓我輕輕睡去 Let today pass, let today pass, let me go to sleep
睜開了眼 明天會美麗 When I open my eyes, tomorrow will be beautiful
今天過去 今天過去 疼痛會過去  Let today pass, let today pass, let sorrow pass
睜開了眼 明天會美麗 When I open my eyes, tomorrow will be beautiful

From the 2009 album, 七天

你有話想說 又不敢說 You have something to say but you are afraid
沒關係我們都認識這麼久 That’s okay, we’ve already known each other for so long
一起走過 很多時候 We will journey together through the many times where
有太陽的午後沒月亮的天空 after a sunny afternoon is a night sky with no moon

From the 2008 album, 100 種生活

We share the morning
We share the milk tea
我一直在這裡陪你一起 I will always be here with you

From the 2014, 大人中

安靜的人想很多 Those who are quiet are thinking a lot
說話的人專心說 Those who are talking are focused on speaking
上班的人在五樓 Those going to work are on the fifth floor
下班的人獲得自由 Those not at work have gained their freedom

From the 2011 album, 慢靈魂

晚霞燦爛照著我 一朵蒲公英飄過窗口 The evening illuminates a single dandelion drifting by my window
就在小鎮的街頭 數著路燈我一個人走  I walk in this small town, counting the street lamps on the road
終究會習慣這種生活 太多的困惑我不想懂 In the end, I will get used to this life, I don’t want to understand too many troubles
就在沒有月光的時候 流星劃過我的身後 In the moment the moonlight disappeared, a shooting star streaked behind my back

From the 2016 album, What a Folk!!!

Notably, this song only has one line “Please stop looking at your phone”. It was filmed on Facebook live, and Crowd requested that all viewers send emoji reactions as that’d be the only effect the MV had. It’s actually hilarious, ingenious and playful all at the same time. It’s quintessential Crowd Lu.