SOTD: 起風了,吳青峰


From the Heart: 聽了莫名的感動。今年2019想試一點新的。留點筆記來紀念這些陪著我的歌曲。 怎麼說呢?歌永遠是我的最愛。沒什麼能讓我如此莫名感慨,如此的無言謙卑。慶幸世界上有吳青峰的聲音,慶幸我聽得見。也想無畏的走下去。

During show season, my playlist tends to get overrun with live performances. This season is no different. The latest season of Singer features 吳青峰, lead singer of the currently-on-indefinite-hiatus 蘇打綠 Sodagreen, venturing out on his own as a solo artist.

青峰 is famous for his singing tones and high ranges, and it’s really nice to see him venture out into new territory and really expand his range of performances beyond the band’s signature sounds and concepts.

For his opening performance, he covers 買辣椒也用卷’s 起風了(The Wind Rises) which is a Mandarin cover of the original song from Miyazaki’s animated “The Wind Rises”, hence the dramatic and rousing pre-chorus and chorus so classic to anime soundtracks. The song translates beautifully into Mandarin cadences, and it’s hard not to be moved by 青峰’s interpretation.

我仍感嘆於世界之大 I still wonder that this world is so big
也沉醉於兒時情話 Remain drunk in the love whispers of youth
不剩真假 不做掙紮 無謂笑話 Nothing true or false left, no more struggling, no care for tricks 

我終將青春還給了她 In the end, I return youth to her
連同指尖彈出的盛夏 along with the summers my fingers played
心之所動 就隨風去啦 Of the things that move my heart, may they go with the wind

以愛之名 你還願意嗎 In the name of love, are you still willing?