SOTD: 蘇運瑩,時候

断雨絲綢 手中折扇 scattered showers like silk, a folding fan in my grasp
百葉凋香 瑰韻自賞 the fragrance of leaves decaying, the self-indulgent scent of rose

蘇蘇 remains one of my favourite oddball singer-songwriters in the Chinese music scene. She’s so unapologetically niche and so overwhelmingly talented that she sort of just demands you take her on her terms.

Not only are her pieces all self-produced and performed, but they’re also incredibly difficult to imitate. This is rare for music that tends to make it to the mainstream, which in some ways is why her music still remains on the margins even in the mainstream.

Nevertheless, I have no doubt her music will continue to make bigger and bigger waves. It’s really only a matter of time before she’ll earn her place as a creative force that defined an era.