mixtape: notes for breakfast

Whether the morning is rainy, cloudy or sunny, whether the floor is cold to the feet or warm and sticky, whether you are refreshed and ready or still struggling through yesterday’s fatigue, we have a song for that.

스탠딩에그 – 햇살이 아파 (feat. 한소현 of 3rd Coast) / Standing Egg – The Sun Hurts (feat. Han So Hyun)

Deca Joins – 浴室 (Bathroom)

피터팬 콤플렉스 – 모닝콜 / Peterpan Complex – Morning Call

Sue 蘇運瑩 – BOY & GIRL 憂傷少年和陽光女孩

CHEEZE – Have A Nice Day

Sweet John 甜約翰 –  Current 川流

To listen to this mixtape uninterrupted: Youtube / Spotify