SOTD: 치스비치 – Summer Love

치스비치summerloveFour female indie artists have joined together to create this year’s happiest summer song. As a huge fan of 90’s girl groups, I immediately fell in love with CSVC‘s aesthetic—from high ponytails with pompoms and fingerless gloves on fuzzy photo portraits, to continuous repetitive drum beats that gets interrupted by vinyl scratching for a dance breakdown, to simple musical formation with lyrics you can easily sing-a-long to—all reminiscent of 1st generation female Kpop groups like S.E.S., Fin.K.L, and Baby Vox.

I have always thought Dalchong of CHEEZE and Stella Jang‘s voices are two of the best female voices that deserve more attention. Coming together with Lovey and Park Moon Chi, the amalgamation of their soft voices along a bright loving melody further takes us back to the retro, to the most pure feelings of crushing and hearts trembling.

기나긴 겨울 지나 어느덧  before we knew it, the long winter days have passed
훌쩍 다가온 여름  and summer has come
모두가 사랑에 풍덩  everyone has fallen into love
근데 나만 아직 겨. 울. 중.  but only i am

음 달콤달콤 아이스크림처럼  like the sweet sweet ice cream
어느새 너에게 녹아내려   i’m melting from you
좀 부끄럽지만 네 손 잡아 볼게  i’m a bit shy but i’ll try to hold your hands
난 너를 갖고 싶어  because i want you

그토록 찾아 헤맨 SUMMER LOVE  all those times i’ve searched for summer love
네가 나의 여름이 되어줄래  could you be my summer
더위를 많이 타는 나지만  i’m sensitive to the heat
내가 너의 바다가 되어줄게  could you be my ocean

이제야 나타난 MY SUMMER LOVE  finally you appear, my summer love
나의 모든 걸 다 너에게 줄게  i will give you all of me
저 푸른 바다와 너만 있다면  as long as i have the blue ocean and you

여름이 가고 또 다른 계절이 온다 해도  even if summer passes and another season comes
변하지 않을 거야  it will never change
네 곁에 있을 거야  i will always be by your side
저 뜨거운 태양 아래서   under that burning hot sun