SOTD: 好想愛這個世界

It’s hard to find 華晨宇’s music on YouTube, as they are largely released on Asian / China-specific streaming platforms. Once in a while though, something makes its way to this side of the world and I am always grateful.

This song is called “I Want To Love This World”.

夕陽西下 翻著電話 無人撥打 in the evening, I look through my phone with no one to call
是習慣孤獨的我該得到的吧 as someone used to loneliness, this is what I deserve
獨木橋呀 把誰推下 才算贏家 who do i have to push off the wooden bridge to be a winner
我無聲的反抗何時能戰勝它 how long do I have to resist wordlessly to defeat it
無論我 在這裡 在那裡 regardless of whether I am here or there
彷彿失魂的蟲鳴 I feel like bird and insect sound with no soul
卻明白此刻應該做些努力 yet i understand in this moment I should make some effort
無論我 在這裡 在那裡 regardless of whether I am here or there
不能彌補的過去 每當想起 when I remember the unfixable past

想過離開 I have wanted to leave
以這種方式存在 to exist in this way
是因為 那些旁白 那些姿態 那些傷害 because of those confessions, postures, hurts
不想離開 也許嘗試過被愛 if I don’t want to leave, it’s because in trying to be loved
會開始仰望未來 I started hoping for a future

傷疤 就丟給回憶吧 the scars, throw them at the past
放下 才得到更好啊 put it down to get something better
别怕 别怕 don’t be afraid. don’t be afraid.

想過離開 I have wanted to leave
當陽光敗給陰霾 when the sunlight was swallowed by the fog
沒想到你會拚命為我撥開 I did not think you would try so hard to sweep them aside for me

曾想過離開 I wanted to leave
卻又堅持到現在 but have insisted till now
熬過了 那些旁白 那些姿態 那些傷害 survived those confessions, postures and hurts
不想離開 i don’t want to leave
當你的笑容綻開 when your smile blooms
這世界突然填滿 色彩 this world comes into colour

抱著沙發 睡眼昏花 凌亂頭髮 I awake on the couch, my hair a mess,
夕陽西下 接通電話 是你呀 in the evening, I answer a call. it’s you.