mixtape: wiggle your butt 👻

With social distancing being enforced across the globe, we’ve decided to spend April sharing some of the music that we’re listening to help us get through this difficult and scary season.

Without the usual commute routes and with fewer chances to stretch our limbs, we’ve taken to expending energy in as many different ways at home as possible. Here are some of our favourite butt-wiggling tunes 😉

曖 Tensions – 孫盛希 Shi Shi ft. ØZI

pH-1 – Perfect

保持帥哥 Maintain Being A Hot Guy – Trout Fresh 呂士軒
“even if you pull the all nighter
you have to maintain being a hot guy
even if you bang your foot against the table
you have to maintain being a hot guy”

Hoody – 그대로 있어줘 (Stay)

Misunderstand – Tomggg x Lil Ice x Ada Shih 六艾司

youra – 춤 Dance

Listen to the mixtape as a Youtube playlist, or on Spotify.