mixtape: rest your brain

As we continue into more and more weeks of social distancing, music is still a constant to return to, to help recalibrate, process and rest. Oftentimes, for both of us, when we are troubled, anxious or upset, talking is far more exhausting of an action than silence.

In these moments, our turn to music is a turn to a space where we can feel held and understood. Strangely and wonderfully, music makes us feel less alone.

魏嘉瑩 Arrow Wei – 夜空裡的光 Light in the Night

Bily Acoustie – 길을 걸으면 Walking

LINION – Can’t Find

다린 Darin – 무채색의 창가 At the Window

크래커 Cracker, 김호연 Kim Ho Yeon – 그런 날 One Day

王詩安 Diana Wang – Hello, I said

Listen to the mixtape as a YouTube playlist or on Spotify.