SOTD: 女神 roundup

For the summer nights in full glory, here are new music videos from 田馥甄 and 安溥, two of my favourite women artists who continue to grace the planet with their creative existence. At various stages of my life, their songs resonate with different stirrings within me, whether it be a forward-looking defiance, or a backward-looking tenderness.

皆可 Anything Goes – 田馥甄 Hebe

不勇敢不慌張不懷疑不信仰 No courage no panic no suspicion no faith
不用有什麼 No need for anything
不聰明不笨拙不怕錯也不害怕 No intelligence no clumsiness no mistakes no fear
不錯 This wouldn’t be bad

我可不可以 飄蕩成雨 Could I drift into rain?
可不可以 碎裂成瓦礫 Could I shatter into clay?
可不可以 開成一朵 粉的雲 Could I bloom into a pink cloud?

誰懂 我可不可以 心向光明 Who knows, could I turn my heart to the light
可不可以 身陷在泥濘 Could I be stuck in the mud?
可不可以 僅僅擁抱 我自己 Could I hug only myself?

隨便我 It wouldn’t matter if I
變成一粒塵 還是一顆星 became a grain of dust, or a str
變成了海洋 還是空氣 became the ocean or the air
變成了自己 放過了自己 became myself, forgive myself
都可以 whatever I wanted, it’d be okay

安溥 anpu – 外婆橋 apart from time: nana’s bridge

鎮上的中央有高高的月亮 there is a tall moon in the middle of town
村子有好人家 there are good people in the village
古老的山丘有雀兒們歌唱 there are birds singing in the ancient hills
裊裊中飯菜香 amidst the rustle is the smell of food
遙遠的童年啊 爹娘是天堂 in my childhood of long ago, my parents are paradise

三里外斜坡長 a distance away where the slope is long,
烏黑的頭髮是永恆的家鄉 the darkest hair is my forever home
故事慢慢講 tell the story slowly

慢想 慢想 thinking slow 
慢想 慢想 thinking slow
慢想 慢想 thinking slow

搖啊搖 搖到外婆橋 rocking, rocking my way to nana’s bridge
搖啊搖 搖到外婆橋rocking, rocking my way to nana’s bridge