AF: 魏如萱 waa wei

This is a bit of a deviation from the usual artist feature, where I pick out music from the artist’s discography over the years to walk through.

Due to COVID19, lots of artists have been taking to live streaming concerts on YouTube or FB, which has been an amazing bonus for someone like me who misses out on live concerts for the most part since its so rare for artists to tour to North America.

魏如萱 waa wei scooped Female Artist of the Year at this year’s Golden Melody Awards. I’ve already featured her music here, and here on ourjxms, so there’s not much for me to add regarding her immense talent, except for the fact that she deserves it fully!!

Hosted by 雲上live, this live stream concert features waa wei performing live for a full 97 minutes, featuring a mix of old, new and cover songs in acoustic, live band format with new arrangements and a whole lot of quirky waa wei talking. The concert title translates to 晚間愛人, which roughly translates to “nighttime lovers”.

It’s a dream for the ears if you love waa wei’s lazy folk sound and perfect for the seasonal change. I know it’ll definitely be staple Fall listening for me in the next few months.

0:20 海鷗先生我愛你, from 藏著並不等於遺忘 (2019)
4:00 你啊你啊, from 末路狂花 (2016)
11:54 竊笑, from 藏著並不等於遺忘 (2019)
17:28 夢露, , from 末路狂花 (2016)
24:45 (我)不是數學家, from 優雅的刺蝟 (2010)
27:50泡泡, from 泡泡 (2008)
33:15 捉迷藏, from 還是要相信愛情呀混蛋們 (2014)
44:50 一刀兩刃, from 優雅的刺蝟 (2010)
50:40 糜人, from 優雅的刺蝟 (2010)
56:32 買你, from 泡泡 (2008)
1:01:02 小魚, from 末路狂花 (2016)
1:09:05 飛鳥, from 不允許哭泣的場合 (2011)
1:13:52 晚安晚安, from 不允許哭泣的場合 (2011)
1:21:47 陪著你, from 藏著並不等於遺忘 (2019)
1:27:20 彼個所在, from 藏著並不等於遺忘 (2019)
1:33:20 街角的祝福, original by 戴佩妮 (2002)