AF: deca joins

On March 9th 2020, I watched deca joins play at Adelaide Hall in Toronto. A week later on March 17th, a COVID state of emergency was declared in Ontario that we’ve yet to really come out of.

About a year later, I’ve decided to compile some deca joins tracks that were played live to relive the last time I was in a physical space jam packed with people listening to bass and drums vibrate in my joints.

deca joins’ tracks are such great mood pieces since they feature rather stripped down lyrics and have long melody sequences. So much of the night was closed-eyed body rocking and just the companionship of many people listening to music together. Once in a while, when the band hit a lyric to be repeated over and over, the crowd would join in.

While we’re waiting for safety to be established for all kinds of people post-COVID, and while we’re still grappling with isolation and a loss of communities in many ways, some deca joins might be able to soundtrack our moods a little bit.

海浪 Ocean Wave

我們走著順著淡水河 We walk, following the flow of the Dan River
趁著夜色我想吶喊但寂靜無聲 Taking advantage of the night I want to scream but loneliness is silent
我想通了I’ve thought it through
我必須在沈淪和失望間選擇 I must choose between sinking and despair
今晚的風沒有顏色 Tonight’s wind has no colour

霧 Fog

我只是你去年春天游過的水 I am just the water you swam in last spring
我只是你心裡沒有名字的鬼 I am just the nameless ghost in your heart
我只是你視而不見模糊的臉 I am just the blurred face you see but don’t recognize
我只是你渴望藍天時無盡的黑夜 I am just the endless night when you thirst for blue skies
我感覺 世界在傾斜 要墜入深淵 我閉上雙眼 I feel the whole world is slanting falling into the deep I close my eyes

散去的時候 After Dispersal

散步在午後 在沒有人的路口 Strolling at an empty intersection on an afternoon
不會有人在意我 不會有人說: No one will mind me, no one will say:
我喝了口啤酒 一切的快樂都無關於我 I had a mouthful of beer, all happiness has nothing to do with me
這條路我要自己慢慢的走 I will have to walk this road slowly alone

Just leave me alone It’s better off I’m on my own
You know I tried my best to hide I just can’t be like what you like

Go Slow

讓我住進你的眼睛裡 Let me make a home in your eyes
陪城市的人 市的人 一起孤單 Accompany the city people and be lonely together
讓我住進你的眼睛裡 Let me make a home in your eyes
看城市的人 市的人 忘記浪漫 Watch the city people forget romance

浴室 Bathroom

終於忘記你的時候你出現在我的夢裡 x4 Just when I’d forgotten you, you showed up in my dream

我們都困在這寂寞的夜晚 We are all trapped in this lonely night
陽光照進窗簾卻太過刺眼 The sun coming through the curtains is too piercing
過於溫暖的冬天讓人失去自覺 The overly warm winter makes one lose self-awareness
波浪在海面上 營火在岸邊 Waves on top of the water, a campfire on the shore
我又淚流滿面而你不在我身邊 My face fills with tears again and you are not here
芒草在山巔,痛苦還留在眉間 The grass on the mountaintop, the pain stays between my brows